Pourquoi partir avec Vo2maxvoyages ?

  • Pourquoi partir avec Vo2maxvoyages ?
  • Pourquoi partir avec Vo2maxvoyages ?
  • Pourquoi partir avec Vo2maxvoyages ?
  • Pourquoi partir avec Vo2maxvoyages ?
  • Pourquoi partir avec Vo2maxvoyages ?
  • Pourquoi partir avec Vo2maxvoyages ?


Here, we like sports, we like running, swimming, biking but we also like travelling ! That's why we want to share the best events and destinations all around the world !

Passion, fun and friendliness are values we try to promote during our journeys : booking a trip with us is being sure you'll have a perfect trip, only targeted for athletes. We try to organize rest and lively moments such as:
  • The running session close to the start or finish line,
  • The bib withdrawal at the hotel, 
  • The pre-race briefing
  • The Pasta Party the night before your race, 
  • The meeting point after you crossed the finish line 
  • The after race diner ! 

These moments are trully exciting to live together. You can experience and share amazing moments !


If you are into racing and discovering new places, it will be difficult to target one of the many races we offer !

Berlin or Paris Marathon, the Indian Ocean Triathlon,the nature race UTAT in Morrocco, the classic Marseille-Cassis 20 km race : you'll find the race you want in our selection.


You can book your trip anytime on our website and, thanks to you personnal account, you can check what you've booked, add poeple, race entries, visits, download documents you want to send us !

  • Pourquoi partir avec Vo2maxvoyages ?
  • Pourquoi partir avec Vo2maxvoyages ?
  • Pourquoi partir avec Vo2maxvoyages ?
  • Pourquoi partir avec Vo2maxvoyages ?

Vo2maxvoyages is made out of people who looks exactly like you : sporty and excited to travel ! That's why we are one of the best sports travel agency in France !

The Team :

The team is made out of diverse people, coming from different origins and having various backgrounds. We all have the goal :making the best offer so you can enjoy and have the time of your life wherever you compete !


Laurent Gillard


Jerôme Voyez

Training Camps Sales Manager

Laurent Tire

Marketing and communication Department

Without them, your jouney wouldn't be the same !

To accompany you to the way of success, we want you to share your experiences with our supervisors and coaches ! Our journeys are supervised by retired athletes, actual coaches or amateurs racers.

Their goal is to share with you their experiences and tips !

Laurent Jalabert

French retired cyclist- Twice winner of the "King of the mountains" jersey on the Tour de France (2001-2002)

Jean-Pierre Camm

Professional coach at the WTS-The Coaching Company

Jean-Batispte Wiroth

Founder of the WTS-The Coaching Company

Professional Coach

Sébastian Frison 

Professional in various sports events

Elodie Arrault  

Founder of the society Luck-it

Guillaume Perrin 

Project manager

Vous trouverez dans cette rubrique l'ensemble de nos univers et de nos séjours sportifs.

  • Trail

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  • Triathlon

    Come and join us on Mauritius to run the Indian Ocean Triathlon, the world's greatest triathlon !
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  • Marathon

    Our journeys are specially made for you  so you can enjoy your race and the destination ! Pre-race run Bib withdrawal at the hotel [...]
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  • Half marathon

    Discover our semi-marathon package  Come and run : - Marseille-Cassis : 20 km legendary course, between hills and the sea
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  • Bike

    In 2018, Vo2maxvoyages organizes your trip to race l'Etape du Tour ! You can also enjoy our trip in Mauritius with Laurent Jalabert, Bike trip in South [...]
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  • Individual training camps

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  • Courses féminines

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Vo2maxvoyages presents its partners. Together, we share the same values. Their expertise complete our services for your own experience !

  • Triathlete, le magazine numéro 1 du triathlon !

    Triathlète magazine is THE french magazine specialized in triathlon. The media covers our amazing event, the Indian Ocean Triathlon.

  • WTS

    WTS is the number 1 coaching company in France. Jean Baptiste, the founder, coaches many athletes, riders, CEOs who want to get better !


    Each athlete booking his entry through Vo2maxvoyages wil vet a sample of Meltonic energetic sports food !