Indian Ocean Triathlon 2017 - Meeting with Jarno from Finland

Indian Ocean Triathlon 2017 - Meeting with Jarno from Finland

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The Indian Ocean Triathlon we organize on Mauritius Island is getting more and more popular. Indeed, people from all around the world travel to attend and enjoy few days off ! For the first timein 9 years, we'll be welcoming triathletes from Finland ! We decided to get to know them before we meet in november ! 

Let us introduce you Jarno !

Hi Jarno, can you introduce yourself ?

Hello! ​My name is Jarno Anttalainen and I´m working as a HRD in a company called Assemblin, which is a complete installation and service partner operating in Nordic countries. Before that I was working for about 10 years in the Finnish military as an officer. I have a loving wife, Katja, and we have three awesome children. We all train triathlon, though not too seriously. 

How long have you been practicing/training triathlon ? 
Where do you train ?

​I have been training for about 5 years now and did my first full Ironman last year. We live by a lake in Lahti, Finland, which makes it easy to train outdoors during the summertime. Than again the summer only lasts a few months so I practice swimming in a swimming hall in winter and MTB all year round. Running outside when the temperature is -25 °C is also quite extreme, but doable :-)

How did you discover the Indian Ocean Triathlon ? Why did you want to compete it ?

My friend, who represents Sailfish in Finland (Mika Somppi), shared the event in Facebook due to the competition being sponsored by Sailfish. One of the reasons that made me want to participate in the competition, was the scenery. I have heard that the route is one of the most beautiful in the world.

This is the first time we welcome finnish people on the triathlon. Have you ever been to Mauritius before ?

​I have visited Mauritius with my wife once before. It seemed to be a perfect time to travel to visit the island again with her and at the same time celebrate our 20-year-anniversary. My wife and our two friends, who we invited, are participating in the triathlon. We are looking forward to the event and the trip in general.

Thank you Jarno ! we look foward to meeting you next november !

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